19 February 2009


ms. sammie t. remember when we were talking about how our rooms look different from when we last saw. Here are some pictures for you to see. I'm sure you will be quite surprised! My room seems to be packed with many things. But, that is toan's fault, I just throw his stuff out.

Did I forget to mention I love stitch.
I haven't written in awhile. Sigh, sometimes it's hard for me to find something to write about.
My life isn't quite as exciting as it may seem. I work all the time and that's pretty much all I do now. It's not like I don't want to go out, see friends, or do hobbies. I'm just so tired by the time I get home. Sometimes, I feel that i've matured. So, things you do when your my age (clubbing, partying, eating out..etc) feels like I have already grown out of it all. I need time away from this city. Even though, I love this city very much. My mind is going crazy.

03 February 2009

Something to yawn about.

My first post.
and... I'm exhausted.
How does this thing work?
Help me.

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